• Prescott Recording and Sound

    PRS offers multi-track recording with a vast arsenal of custom microphones, pre-amps, compressors and outboard gear. We also provide live sound for public events and a full range of other services


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Mark Anthony
Telephone: 928-713-1940
Email: storyroad@cableone.net

Who we are

PRS-Prescott Recording and Sound was founded in Prescott AZ in 2003. PRS is owned and operated by
Mark Anthony and other qualified engineers.

Mark Anthony has owned several professional recording studios from the late 80′s through 2001 in Southern California. View the photo gallery

Mark Anthony’s Bio

Our Acoustics

Prescott Recording and Sound has superb acoustics.

Both recording and control rooms are designed as half hexagons to ensure the optimum acoustics environment.

Ceiling height is 10′ in all rooms! Rooms are designed by Mark Anthony and have superb acoustics. If you try and record drums with 8′ ceilings, you already know it’s a waste of time…please remember that part of what you are paying for are the acoustics of the room you record in!

The Control Rooms

Control Room “A”

This control room produces the majority of audio for broadcast.

Control room A consists of a Pro-Tools HD system with 40 analog inputs of SSL and LYNX outboard Analog to Digital converters. This system has 32 channels of SSL analog mix down with total recall.

Control Room “B”

This control room is excellent for demos and simple recording jobs.

This is the cost effective system ! A Pro-Tools 003 with Focusrite Pre-amps and Converters. This smaller system has flying faders , Tube Mic Pre-amps, an LA-2A compressor and passive summing or active summing with a Neve Line amp!


    Audio Samples



    The Equipment

    Prescott Recording and Sound offers clients the finest equipment available in Northern Arizona.

      • Microphones – Soundelux, Nuemann, AKG, Oktava, Rode, Sennheiser, Crown and Shure Microphones
      • Pre-amps – 50′s era Altec, Metal Tube Altec, GML, Gates, TL Audio, Ampex, Scully, Focusrite, Studio Technologies, Aphex and Sony discreet mixer
      • Compressors – Innertube Audio, SB2A and LA2A. SSL G-series, Compellor with Mods, Mitsubishi Klegs x4, Avalon and Focusrite.
      • Equalizers – GML, Avalon, Sontec, Kush Audio and Focusrite.
      • Monitors – Focal, Adam, Tannoy, Alta, and Event.
        • Converters – SSL x48, LYNX x32 Benchmark x4
        • Mixers – SSL X-RACK 32 channel, Sony MX-20 Discreet mixer and Allen and Heath Mix Wiz.
        • Outboard DSP – TC G-Major, Roland SDE 3000, V-verb Pro, TC Intonator, Vocalist Pro.
        • Software – Pro-Tools HD 7.4.2 and Pro-Tools 8. Waves, Flux, Sony.

    We offer a large amount of software. Because we have both software and the ‘real’ hardware much of the software is modeled after, we can pick and choose between the real deal or the modeled program. (The real deal usually wins…)

    Recording Workshops

    PRS offers periodic Recording Workshops designed to instruct and utilize the latest recording/software and hardware information available.

    If you want to learn how to record and have hands on demonstrations, these workshops are for you. They are reasonably priced and Mark Anthony has 10 years of experience giving them. He has contracted with the state of California, the Recording and Radio connection and also Castle Recording in Santa Barbara California.

    The end result is you can learn how to do this on your home computer!

    The thing to remember is that owning a computer, software and sound card is like a person acquiring a mechanics tool-set. You might have all the rights tools, but it doesn’t automatically give you the required skill set to get the job done right.

    These workshops enable you to learn not just the ‘how’ but the ‘why’.

    Please call for more information on these workshops.